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Oakton Family Orthodontics, PC Reviews

Here at Oakton Family Orthodontics, for the past 36 years we have dedicated ourselves to earn the reputation as one of Virginia's leading orthodontic practices based on the exceptional quality of our results, innovative orthodontic care, and outstanding customer service. Experience matters! Based on the successful completion of over 15,000 orthodontic patients, Dr. McGrath knows what a significant difference in health and self-esteem a beautiful smile can make, which is why we strive to give each of our patients the beautiful, straight smile they deserve! Congratulations to Dr. McGrath having been chosen many times as one of the "Top Orthodontists" by his peers and patients by Washingtonian, Northern Virginia, Virginia Living, Washington Family, and Health and Beauty magazines.

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"A wonderful experience. Dr. McGrath and his Staff are amazingly efficient at providing personalized orthodontic care. The best part of the experience is the relationships that are formed with the team throughout the treatment plan. I recommend Dr. McGrath to parents for their children and for adults like myself. I feel like part of the family at Oakton Family Orthodontics."

Review Verified on 3/8/2016
"The orthodontic work was great! Well organized and friendly staff."

Review Verified on 3/2/2016
"Everything went smoothly and I appreciate the lovely team in the office."

Review Verified on 3/2/2016
"Always a excellent experience with Dr McGrath and his staff! Saw Anita L. For retainers today. She gave great instructions. Clear and easy to follow. Thanks!"

Review Verified on 3/1/2016
"Dr. McGrath and his staff are always so friendly and welcoming. I feel like we get top-notch orthodontic care."

Review Verified on 2/27/2016
"Great office, nice staff, no problems."

Review Verified on 2/24/2016
"Dr Mcgrath's staff was great, they made Mackenzie feel very at ease with the process."

Review Verified on 2/23/2016
"Dr. McGrath is a bit of a savant, truth be told. His use of the Damon system, which offers shorter treatment durations and less pain than comparable systems, make his practice a great choice, especially for young people. Our two boys have both had excellent results with Dr. McGrath, and our daughter will be starting her treatment soon. The assistants and office staff are courteous and competent, and flexible regarding office visits. They get that we're all busy and sometimes need to move appointments around. They also work hard to schedule appointments in the afternoons, so the kids don't miss too much school. We recommend!"

Review Verified on 2/10/2016
"It's always a pleasure coming in - the staff is so friendly and helpful, and put the kids at ease. No wonder half our neighborhood comes here! Keep it up."

Review Verified on 2/5/2016
"Very friendly, Wonderful job! My son has beautiful teeth right now thanks to Oakton Family Orthodontics."

Review Verified on 2/4/2016
"We had a wonderful experience with EVERYONE we have worked with from day one....very helpful and very patient....especially working through multiple insurance changes."

Review Verified on 2/2/2016
"Excellent workmanship from Dr. McGrath! He views the client as a canvas upon which to create art--he can see the bigger picture and has in his mind's eye the finished product before he even gets started! Pleasant staff, cheerful receptionists, and easy appointment making made our experience pleasurable. Results for us turned out beautifully with straight teeth, a healthy smile, and happy kids along the journey for our two teens!"

Review Verified on 2/1/2016
"Ya'll are awesome! And caring! And nice!"

Review Verified on 1/29/2016
"Will is the second son of mine to go through braces here with Dr Mc Grath. We have had great experiences both times. Everyone in the office is accomidating and nice. Both Jon and Will will have a lifetime of perfect teeth thanks to Dr McGrath and his team of helpers. I would reccomend them to everyone. After the experience Will has been through, he is thinking about a career as an orthadontist. Thanks so much again for giving both my boys a perfect smile."

Review Verified on 1/27/2016
"We just love Dr. McGrath & staff. They have been so very good to us as we have dealt with the recent tragedy of losing the mother of our two young children to cancer. We highly recommend them far beyond their orthodontal capability."

Review Verified on 1/27/2016
"We love everyone at Oakton Family Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 1/22/2016
"Very nice experience overall. No issues that I'm aware of."

Review Verified on 1/20/2016
"You guys have done an amazing job for years! Great experience"

Review Verified on 1/20/2016
"Happy with support for my braces. Always address my concerns."

Review Verified on 1/20/2016
"Always a pleasure to see the staff at Oakton Family Orthodontics! Haven't seen everyone since my two daughters finished their treatment a few years ago. Now that my son is there it's like I never left! Would always recommend Dr. McGrath and staff to anyone looking for Orthodontia."

Review Verified on 1/20/2016
"Danielle had a great experience with Oakton family orthodontics! We were pleased with the service and excellent staff. The appointment verification system which has reminders is well coordinated. Danielle's smile is vastly improved and she and I will be smiling about this braces adventure for years to come! We thank you and have referred Oakton Family Orthodontics to others, including family members due to arrive at your office very soon. Thank you again to all your excellent staff and especially Dr McGrath for his extraordinary knowledge, skills and abilities."
"Zach had a good experience here at Dr. mcgrath's. he had his teeth cleaned every four months, and never had any issues with broken bands,or any problems beyond minor pain after tightening appointments. Can't wait to see the final results!"

Review Verified on 1/19/2016
"Dr. McGrath's office are extremely efficient and take great care with each individual. My son had to have 2 phases of braces and we were made aware of every step of his treatment well before we began and there were no surprises. The technicians are all very knowledgable and wonderful with children . There have been several times when we would call with a broken wire and we were seen within the day. Towards the end the waiting to remove the braces got a little tedious but my son was mostly to blame for not wearing his bands. All in all it was a great experience."

Review Verified on 1/19/2016
"Thank you all of you taking care of my son teeth. Everything was perfect. Happy New Years to you all."

Review Verified on 1/14/2016
"The process went beautifully from beginning to end."

Review Verified on 1/5/2016
"Bryan was very very happy to learn that using the Invisalign process would mean he would be out of braces in way less time than it took his sister! Appointments were easy to confirm and everyone was super nice. Best of all were the results -- two thumbs up!"

Review Verified on 12/15/2015
"As of today, both of my children have now completed their orthodontic experience with Dr. Kevin McGrath and I must say we are extremely pleased. The entire office has been a pleasure to work with and they are extremely kind and caring. While there are many orthodontic practices to choose from in the Northern Virginia area, this one tops the list!!"

Review Verified on 12/9/2015
"We've been thru 3 rounds of braces here. Two for Madi and one for Sam. Very happy with how everything turned out. Love the staff and Dr. McGrath. The accounting department worked with us thru a very complicated situation."

Review Verified on 12/7/2015
"Wonderful, as usual!"

Review Verified on 12/4/2015
"Great Experience! Dr. McGrath went way beyond our expectations for a great orthodontist. When my daughter needed to wear her braces longer with extra visits and adjustments, Dr. McGrath did what needed to done at no extra charge. The results are a beautiful smile! Worth the wait!"

Review Verified on 12/3/2015
"Excellent service. Friendly staff and easy appointments. Great job. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone who needs braces."

Review Verified on 12/3/2015
"Everything went smoothly. Friendly, helpful staff."

Review Verified on 12/1/2015
"Love the service and professionalism. Staff was kind, courteous, and generous in providing answers to questions and concerns. We're very pleased that we chose Dr. McGrath."

Review Verified on 11/24/2015
"Professional and friendly staff. Easy to make appointments at times that are very convenient to school hours."

Review Verified on 11/23/2015
"Everyone is lovely. Friendly, helpful, and very nice. Explains everything very well, always with a smile!"

Review Verified on 11/21/2015
"We are very pleased with our daughter's smile! The service from Dr. McGrath and his entire staff was exceptional!"
"Hands down! I can't tell you enough about how friendly, polite and more than willing to help staff they have. I am so glad we were referred to him by my daughter's pediatric dentist. Dr. McGrath and his staff are true GEM. My daughter loves Anita who is always more than willing to make her feel comfortable like all other staff. Thank you for your excellent service."

Review Verified on 11/5/2015
"All three of my children have been seen by Dr. McGrath. We have recommended this office to many of our friends. Dr. McGrath is a great orthodontist. The office is extremely well run. The office staff is both kind and professional. I would highly recommend this practice."

Review Verified on 11/4/2015
"We brought both our daughters here and have been very happy with the results. The staff is always friendly and professional. We felt their prices were fair and they helped us with the insurance part."

Review Verified on 11/4/2015
"My two kids have had orthodontics done here, they provided excellent service, on time, professional, they took care of my kids very well. Finished the process on time. Staff are excellent and very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend Oakton family orthodontics."

Review Verified on 11/4/2015
"Joey has had a great experience with Dr. McGrath and staff. Everyone is courteous and kind and helps to explain the process each visit. The wait time has only once been longer than we expected but it was a crowded waiting room, so it wasn't a surprise. We would highly recommend Dr. McGrath to our friends and will be back for younger siblings in the future."

Review Verified on 11/3/2015
"This office could not have a more friendly atmosphere. From the reception to the technicians to Dr M., everyone has been efficient and encouraging. The desk staff are careful to arrange convenient appointments and are very flexible. Shanon and Anita D. in particular were helpful and explained the processes carefully. I would certainly recommend this office to anyone needing orthodontic procedures. I observed the staff as they dealt with children and adults and they were always reassuring and kind."

Review Verified on 10/27/2015
Reviews 379 - 420 of 513

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