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Oakton Family Orthodontics, PC Reviews

Here at Oakton Family Orthodontics, for the past 36 years we have dedicated ourselves to earn the reputation as one of Virginia's leading orthodontic practices based on the exceptional quality of our results, innovative orthodontic care, and outstanding customer service. Experience matters! Based on the successful completion of over 15,000 orthodontic patients, Dr. McGrath knows what a significant difference in health and self-esteem a beautiful smile can make, which is why we strive to give each of our patients the beautiful, straight smile they deserve! Congratulations to Dr. McGrath having been chosen many times as one of the "Top Orthodontists" by his peers and patients by Washingtonian, Northern Virginia, Virginia Living, Washington Family, and Health and Beauty magazines.

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"The staff has been very friendly and caring. Karrygan transferred from another practice. The orthodonture has proceeded very well and more quickly than expected."

Review Verified on 9/17/2015
"Love that we are seen on time and got extra tips for how I can help her out at home to help with plaque build up. Her teeth look great!"

Review Verified on 9/17/2015
"We come from Arlington to see Dr. McGrath. He and his staff are professional, cheerful and explain things well."

Review Verified on 9/17/2015
"I always have a great experience coming into this office. The staff at the front desk is very courteous and attentive. The technicians are all nice and friendly and always speak. They are also very gentle when working on my orthodontics. I would recommend this orthodontic office to anyone I know that is in need of services."

Review Verified on 9/17/2015

Review Verified on 9/16/2015
"Treatment for our daughter our daughter was great. Her teeth look wonderful -she can't stop smiling! Everyone we saw in the office was helpful and professional. Many thanks!"

Review Verified on 9/16/2015
"I love how accommodating Lianna ALWAYS is with scheduling. I have two daughters under Dr. McGrath's care, and she is fantastic about putting them on the same schedule to reduce the number of trips we are making to the orthodontist. We are two full-time working adults so schedules are really important to us. Thanks Lianna."

Review Verified on 9/4/2015
"Anita quickly and expertly placed the spacers in between 6 of Casey's upper teeth. She explained what she was going to do then did it with care."

Review Verified on 8/22/2015
"Friendly, knowledgable staff. Inviting waiting room. Appointment time honored. We are just starting out the braces process; so far we are pleased with Dr. McGrath and his office!"

Review Verified on 8/19/2015
"great job"

Review Verified on 8/14/2015
"Hands down once again :-), Anita D and the rest of the team are so pleasant and sufficient. I am so glad Dr. McGrath was recommended by my daughter's dentist. It makes the world a better place to live when you have such a exceptional doctor and staff to deal with. 4 weeks ago my daughter was having issue (discomfort) with her upper braces, I called the office on a Friday which is usually close during the summer time but Anita D picke up my message and responded immediately and saw my daughter that very same day to fix the discomfort issue. Thank you so much for being so flexible and taking care of the issue."

Review Verified on 8/12/2015
"Our first visit after the initial consult went very well. My daughter had spacers inserted and had all of her fears addressed. Everyone was great."

Review Verified on 8/10/2015
"Wonderful and friendly staff, very efficient office operation. The treatment plan recommended by Dr. McGrath (Suresmile) for my son was almost six months less than estimated and overall required less visits. Dr. McGrath is a rockstar. I am recommending him to all my friends and will use him again for my daughters."

Review Verified on 8/10/2015
"Just starting with the practice but have been happy with the consultation and lead-up service. Thanks!"

Review Verified on 8/7/2015
"We are always treated with outstanding professionalism at this practice. We have our youngest son getting braces now and after he's done Mom may get Invisalign! The staff is outstanding and we respect Dr. McGrath without question. Thank you ver much."

Review Verified on 7/24/2015
"There aren't enough amazing things to say about Dr. McGrath and his team of talented staff. I was terrified to get braces at the age of 25, worried about what implications it'd have on my self esteem, but he put on clear brackets and no one could even notice. After just three months the braces are off and I feel like I have a million dollar smile. He is the Piccaso of teeth and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Every time I hear a compliment on my smile I silently say "thank you Dr. McGrath for making the impossible possible"."

Review Verified on 7/22/2015
"The woman who worked with me was extremely kind and cautious of my teeth. She made sure that if I were in pain, she'd stop and let myself feel better before she continued. Great job!"

Review Verified on 7/10/2015
"My daughter had a great experience with Dr. McGrath and his staff. My daughter had a lot of problems with her jaw and other issues. We used Sure Smile and the result was great! Dr. McGrath and his staff were great to work with....always friendly, professional, and flexible."

Review Verified on 7/9/2015
"Thank you!"

Review Verified on 7/6/2015
"As an adult going through orthodontia, I didn't really know what to expect from the process. From my first consultation, Dr. McGrath explained a clear vision for my treatment that gave me confidence in the process. 18 months later, he has produced a result better than I could have imagined, all for a reasonable fee. He and his entire staff made my time in braces as painless as possible, and I highly recommend them."

Review Verified on 6/30/2015
"Thanks for a great and fast appointment! One of the Anitas helped me today-thanks!"

Review Verified on 6/28/2015
"The technicians are very nice and know what they are talking about. They instructed me on how to use bands and why I had to wear them."

Review Verified on 6/27/2015
"Short wait time; friendly staff."

Review Verified on 6/26/2015
"My son is Dr. McGrath's patient and he has been treated for a year, his teeth start to look different before he got the treatment. He's a very experience orthodontist, He and staffs are nice and take care well for patients. My son is lucky to having him. I will recommend to friends and families."

Review Verified on 6/24/2015
"We had a great experience with Dr. McGrath and his entire staff. They were very friendly and helpful."

Review Verified on 6/23/2015
"My daughter had Sure Smile braces by Dr. McGrath. The whole experience was wonderful from start to finish. I would recommend this practice wholeheartedly."

Review Verified on 6/10/2015
"Everyone I worked with was very friendly and put me at ease about any concerns I had."

Review Verified on 6/7/2015
"Great staff, so willing to help kids and parents through the whole 'braces process '. A real pleasure to work with them!"

Review Verified on 6/4/2015
"Everyone is so nice and I love my new smile! Thank you!!"

Review Verified on 6/3/2015
"Everyone at Dr. McGrath's office are so great. The staff is friendly and goes out of their way to help you and provide information. I feel like Dr. McGrath really cares about each one of his patients and I trust his opinion on what is needed regarding my children's orthodontia. His invaluable experience and knowledge make me feel very confident choosing Dr. McGrath and we have always been treated like good friends every time we have been there. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 5/31/2015
"We couldn't be happier. Dr. McGrath worked on all three of my children. He is patient and kind - always!"

Review Verified on 5/30/2015
"Our family has been going to Dr. McGrath since 2004 with one son still in treatment. In all of that time, we have not experienced a single unpleasant visit. The office is run efficiently and professionally. The staff is personable & caring. My older sons teeth turned out beautiful and we love to see him smile. Thank you Dr. McGrath and staff!"

Review Verified on 5/28/2015
"Zack went to his appointment to fix a bracket and found out he was getting his braces off, he was so excited! In 2 weeks he will be without braces for the first time in 2 1/2 years. My son is getting his off and my daughter is getting hers put on. Fun fun fun"

Review Verified on 5/23/2015
"Awesome as always!!!!!!"

Review Verified on 5/22/2015
"As always, a pleasure."

Review Verified on 5/22/2015
"Good and quick service. :D also your music is perfectly acceptable for teenagerz' ears. It is most appreciated that you take this into consideration when choosing the music."

Review Verified on 5/21/2015
"Dr. McGrath is an excellent orthodontist. Both of my children were under his care for about a year and we had a wonderful experience. My children's teeth look amazing. It was great to see such a big transformation with their teeth in such a short amount of time. The administrative staff and technicians were also great. They were flexible with different payment plans that aided with the cost of treatment. The entire office is very friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend Dr. McGrath to anyone!"

Review Verified on 5/21/2015
"Always a great visit - on time, friendly staff, kids are at ease."

Review Verified on 5/21/2015
"I am always pleased with the gentle care that my somewhat nervous 12 year old boy receives. All the staff are calm and friendly and this makes the overall feel of the office nice and calm for him. As a working mom I appreciate that we are always taken on time for our appt. It means a lot that I can get in and out and get my son to school and get on the road for work. I appreciate the early appts."

Review Verified on 5/17/2015
"Both my children have been coming to Dr. McGrath's office for a while now and each time we have had a great experience. Dr. McGrath, you are a very kind man and make coming to appointments, very easy. We can't say enough how nice the women are at the reception desk. Always so pleasant. The staff, itself is just as wonderful. My kids love to go and talk to all the woman. They make each visit so fun and engaging! You have a very unique and special group! Can't say enough good things!"

Review Verified on 5/16/2015
"Dr. McGrath and every single one of his staff are the best! We're very lucky to be a part of the Oakton Ortho Family here. Everything went so smoothly from consultation to starting treatment. Very happy with the price, appointment times, ease of paying with FSA benefits card, very little waiting once you check in for your scheduled appointment, awesome front desk staff, awesome ortho assistants, comfortable and friendly office. We've been here for a year and could not be happier in any way with our experience. If you asked if we could change anything, we honestly couldn't think of a thing!"

Review Verified on 5/15/2015
"Hands down, Dr. McGrath and his staff are so efficient and friendly. My daughter immediately connected with Dr. McGrath and his friendly and knowledgeable staff are very welcoming every time we visit the office. My daughter counts the days down till her next visit because she feels safe and treated with respect and his office feels warm and inviting. We need more doctors & staff like Dr. McGrath because they make the world a better place to live in :-). I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know."

Review Verified on 5/14/2015
Reviews 463 - 504 of 513

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